7 Different Aquarium Danios - Rare & Common

Danios can make a great addition to an aquarium, especially when looking for a top dwelling level of fish. Always active, peaceful and incredibly hardy they make an excellent choice for a beginner.
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Celestial Pearl Danio
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Emerald Dwarf Danio
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Giant Danio
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Glowlight Danio
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Leopard Danio
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Panther Danio
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Zebra Danio

Frquently asked questions about the Danios

How many Danios should be kept together?

Danios are a schooling fish that are best kept in an as large group as possible to ensure they feel comfortable and reassured in their surroundings. If a large shoal is not possible because of limited tank space, a minimum of six would be satisfactory.

What are good tankmates for Danios?

Excluding the giant danio, most danios are small and extremely active and thus are being kept with other fast-moving fish so as not to outcompete slower fish at feeding time. Good tankmates include smaller and medium species of tetras, barbs and livebearers such as endlers, platies, mollies and swordtails.

Will Danios jump out of an aquarium?

The short answer is yes; danios are expert jumpers so when deciding to add them to your aquarium it is essential to ensure you have a tight-fitting lid or else you will wake up to an unpleasant sight one morning.

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