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Fireline Danio (Devario sondhii)

The Fireline Danio is a comparatively new species, having been introduced to the aquarium hobby in 2007. These Danios are peaceful, reasonably hardy and active, making them suitable for the beginner aquarist and an excellent addition to a spacious, peaceful community aquarium.

Fireline Danios are a shoaling species in nature; therefore, it would be better to maintain them in groups of six individuals, preferably more if possible. Suitable tankmates for these Danios could include other small Cyprinids, Danios, most livebearers, Rasboras, Tetras, bottom-dwellers such as Loaches and Catfish, Gobies, and Dwarf shrimp. You can also keep these Danios with the most commonly available Dwarf Cichlids and Gouramis. However, very small species, slow-moving fish or fish with intricate finnage are not recommended.

The aquarium should be well oxygenated and have a reasonable flow rate as these fish will enjoy swimming against the current, as with most Danio species. Since these Danios naturally occur in pristine habitats, they are intolerant to the buildup of excessive organic pollutants. Therefore these fish require good water conditions to thrive, and you should never introduce them into a biologically immature aquarium. The aquarium will need a tight-fitting lid as Fireline Danios have bouts of skittish behaviour and are prone to leaping out of the aquarium.

Fireline Danios can differ in colouration depending on their mood and condition. However, these Danios usually have a faint, lateral stripe on the body, extending into the caudal fin and possessing a prominent cleithral spot behind the gill cover. The top and front half of this fish is silvery, contrasted with a reddish-orange colouration on the lower back half of the body. All their fins are transparent except the caudal fin that has some orange shading.

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Fireline Danios (Devario sondhii) Rare Freshwater Aquarium Danio Fish Species Profile & Care Guide


Fireline Danio
Fireline Danio
Fireline Danio
Fireline Danio
Quick Facts
Scientific NameDevario sondhii
Other NamesBurmese Gold Line Rose Danio
Aquarium LevelMiddle - Top
DifficultyBeginner - Intermediate
Best kept asGroups 6+
Lifespan5 - 8 years
Water Parameters
Water TypeFreshwater
PH6.5 - 7.5
GH5 - 12
TDS18 - 90
68 - 79℉
20 - 26.1℃


In the home aquarium, the Fireline Danio will readily accept most good quality dried foods such as granules, flakes and sinking pellets. These modern food products have been developed to provide all adequate nutrition to maintain your fish's health and dietary requirements.

Providing additional foodstuffs such as live, frozen, and freeze-dried meals such as bloodworm, daphnia, and tubifex once or twice a week will provide additional benefits to your fish's health and well-being but is not a must for this fish.

It should be noted that bloodworms should only be given as an occasional treat and should not be used as the staple diet as they are difficult for fish to digest and can potentially cause blockages.

This fish is an omnivore in the wild, meaning it will consume some vegetable matter. Although most modern fish foods take this into account and include them in their products, you can still supplement your fish's diet with blanched vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, and zucchini. Ensure you do not overfeed your fish and remove any leftovers the following day.

Tank Mates

1 interesting tank mate ideas for the Fireline Danio could include:

Saddleback Loach(Homaloptera Orthogoniata)

Sexual Dimorphism

It is pretty straightforward to distinguish a male from a female Fireline Danio. Males tend to be more petite, more slender, and more vibrantly coloured than females. In contrast, sexually mature females will be rounder-bellied, duller and a little larger than males.

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