35 Different Types of Barbs Rare & Common

Barbs are undoubtedly one of the most popular and diverse species kept in the aquarium hobby. They can range significantly in size, colours and temperament. From nano species such as the butterfly barb and cherry barb to the very large tinfoil and Mascara barb species.

Many barbs can make a great addition to a community, nano or species aquarium and the majority are very hardy fish making them an excellent choice for the beginner or experienced aquarist alike.

Below is a list of 35 different types of Barbs (with photos) found in the fishkeeping hobby, both rare & common.

African Banded Barb(Barbus fasciolatus)
Arulius Barb(Dawkinsia arulius, Puntius arulius)
Black Ruby Barb(Pethia nigrofasciata)
Blue Spotted Hill Trout(Barilius bakeri)
Borneo Red Fin Silver Shark(Cyclocheilichthys janthochir)
Butterfly Barb(Barbus hulstaerti)
Checker Barb(Oliotius oligolepis)
Cherry Barb(Puntius titteya)
Chinese Barb(Barbodes semifasciolatus)
Clown Barb(Barbodes everetti, Puntius everetti, Barbodes dunckeri)
Denison Barb(Sahyadria denisonii)
Drape Fin Barb(Oreichthys crenuchoides)
Eight Banded False Barb(Eirmotus octozona)
Gold Barb(Barbodes semifasciolatus)
Golden Dwarf Barb(Pethia gelius)
Indian Hifin Barb(Oreichthys cosuatis)
Jae Barb(Enteromius Jae)
Lined Barb(Striuntius lineatus)
Lipstick Barb(Pethia erythromycter)
Mahecola Barb(Puntius mahecola)
Mascara Barb(Dawkinsia Assimilis)
Melon Barb(Haludaria fasciata)
Narayan Barb(Pethia setnai, Pethia narayani)
Odessa Barb(Pethia Padamya)
Pentazona Barb(Desmopuntius Pentazona)
Rohani Barb(Dawkinsia Rohani)
Rosy Barb(Puntius conchonius)
Snakeskin Barb(Desmopuntius Rhomboocellatus)
Snyders Barb(Puntius snyderi)
Spanner Barb(Barbodes Lateristriga)
Striped Barb(Desmopuntius johorensis)
Swamp Barb(Puntius Chola)
Thicklip Barb(Probarbus labeamajor)
Tiger Barb(Puntigrus tetrazona)
Tinfoil Barb(Barbonymus Schwanenfeldii)

Frequently asked questions

Can you mix different types of barbs?

Yes, you can, providing you pick similar-sized barbs. For example, it would be unwise to house fully grown tinfoil barbs with a dwarf variety of barbs such as the Golden dwarf barbs (Puntius gelius) or the Jae Barb (Enteromius jae).

It is also worth bearing in mind some types of barbs are considered fin nippers so it would not be advisable to maintain for instance; tiger barbs with barbs that have been artificially bred for long-fins. As an example the long-finned variety of the rosy barb or indeed the extended finned version of the newer tiger barb itself.

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