Define: Aquadiction

NounThe fact or condition of being madly addicted to a particular substance or activity.

The fact or condition of being madly addicted to all aquatic life.

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Blackfin Pearl Killifish(Austrolebias nigripinnis)
Rainbow Cichlid(Herotilapia multispinosa)
Blueberry Tetra(Hyphessobrycon wadai)
Christys Killifish(Aphyosemion christyi)
Chinese Barb(Barbodes semifasciolatus)
Lined Barb(Striuntius lineatus)
Lipstick Barb(Pethia erythromycter)
Adonis Tetra(Lepidarchus adonis)
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Blackfin Pearl Killifish
Rainbow Cichlid
Rainbow Cichlid
Rainbow Cichlid
Blueberry Tetra
Blueberry Tetra
Blueberry Tetra
Christy's Killifish
Chinese Barb
Lined Barb

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