24 Different Types of Rainbowfish Rare & Common

Below is a list of 24 different types of Rainbowfish (with photos) found in the fishkeeping hobby, both rare & common.

Banded Rainbowfish(Melanotaenia trifasciata)
Boesemans Rainbowfish(Melanotaenia Boesemani)
Celebes Rainbowfish(Marosatherina ladigesi)
Dwarf Neon Rainbowfish(Melanotaenia praecox)
Forktail Blue Eye Rainbowfish(Pseudomugil furcatus)
Honey Blue Eye Rainbowfish(Pseudomugil Mellis)
Ivantsoffs Blue Eye Rainbowfish(Pseudomugil ivantsoffi)
Kamaka Rainbowfish(Melanotaenia Kamaka)
Lake Kutubu Rainbowfish(Melanotaenia lacustris)
Lake Tebera Rainbowfish(Melanotaenia herbertaxelrodi)
Madagascar Rainbowfish(Bedotia madagascarensis)
Ornate Rainbowfish(Rhadinocentrus ornatus)
Pacific Blue Eye Rainbowfish(Pseudomugil signifer)
Parkinsons Rainbowfish(Melanotaenia parkinsoni)
Popondetta Blue Eye Rainbowfish(Pseudomugil connieae)
Red Neon Blue Eye Rainbowfish(Pseudomugil luminatus)
Red Rainbowfish(Glossolepis Incisus)
Redfin Dwarf Rainbowfish(Melanotaenia maccullochi)
Sahul Rainbowfish(Melanotaenia sahulensis)
Spotted Blue Eye Rainbowfish(Pseudomugil gertrudae)
Swamp Blue Eye Rainbowfish(Pseudomugil paludicola)
Threadfin Rainbowfish(Iriatherina werneri)
Transparent Blue Eye Rainbowfish(pseudomugil pellucidus)
Vogelkop Blue Eye Rainbowfish(Pseudomugil reticulatus)

Frequently asked questions

Are Rainbowfish aggressive?

No, Rainbowfish are incredibly passive fish and therefore make a great addition to any community aquarium.

What is the smallest rainbow fish?

Several species of dwarf Rainbowfish are small and not much larger than a Neon Tetra. The dwarf Rainbowfish are perfect inhabitants for the nano aquarium, for example, the attractive Spotted Blue Eye Rainbowfish.

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