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Maximum size : 5.5 cm

Glowlight Danio - Celestichthys choprae : Complete Fish Profile & Care Guide

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Glowlight Danios (Celestichthys choprae) are incredibly peaceful and visually striking fish, making them perfect candidates for community aquariums. Their adaptability to various water conditions allows them to coexist harmoniously with a diverse range of species, such as other small Cyprinids, Tetras, livebearers, Rainbowfish, Catfish, and docile Loaches. As a schooling species, Glowlight Danios should be kept in groups of 8 to 10 individuals to establish a pecking order and reduce nervousness. Larger groups also offer a reprieve for less dominant fish from the more aggressive alpha males. To ensure the well-being of your Glowlight Danios, provide a well-planted aquarium or a setup that replicates a flowing river or stream. Incorporate a substrate of various-sized rocks and gravel, along with large, smooth boulders. Additional powerheads or filter outlets can be used to generate moderate water flow, but super fast conditions should be avoided, as these fish naturally inhabit calmer waters and marginal zones. Glowlight Danios appreciate sturdy aquatic plants that can be attached to decor, as well as branches and driftwood roots. A tight-fitting lid for the aquarium is essential, as this species is known for its adept jumping ability and can escape through even the smallest gaps. The slender, torpedo-shaped bodies of Glowlight Danios boast greenish-golden hues, adorned with blue vertical bars and a blue horizontal stripe running dorsally across the entire body. In contrast, translucent fins accompany a black and gold-tipped caudal fin. A yellow line spans horizontally across the dorsal fin, and a white line graces the anal fin.

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Sexual Dimorphism

Distinguishing between male and female Glowlight Danios is generally a straightforward process. In sexually mature specimens, females tend to exhibit rounder bellies, less vibrant coloration, and a slightly larger size compared to males. During spawning conditions, these differences become more pronounced, as males display intensified coloration and females appear visibly engorged with eggs.

Quick Facts

Scientific NameCelestichthys choprae
Year Described1928
Other Names
Max Size5.5 cm
Aquarium LevelMiddle - Top
Best kept asGroups 6+
Lifespan1 -4 years

Water Parameters

Water TypeFreshwater
PH6.0 - 8.0
GH1 - 12
TDS20 - 250
64 - 75
17.8 - 23.9

Natural habitat

If you're in search of a strikingly beautiful and unique species to add to your aquarium, look no further than the Glowlight Danio. This captivating fish originates from the river Mogaung Chaung and surrounding small rocky streams in Myanmar, nestled in the vibrant landscapes of Southeast Asia. In the wild, these fish seem to prefer small hill streams with substrates of gravel and rocks of varying sizes, creating a perfect environment for them to thrive. Interestingly, these streams don't seem to contain much, if any, vegetation, which has resulted in the Glowlight Danio developing its unique characteristics and behaviours. So, if you're looking to elevate your aquarium game with a new and exciting species, the Glowlight Danio is a must-have. With their captivating appearance and charming personalities, these fish are sure to make a lasting impression in any aquatic setting.

How to breed the Glowlight Danio

Breeding Glowlight Danios is a relatively simple endeavor, with spontaneous spawning often occurring in community tanks. However, to maximize fry yield, it is advisable to designate a separate breeding tank for these fish. Ensure that delicate plants such as Willow Moss, Java Moss, or Cabomba are present in the aquarium, as females will scatter their eggs among them. Alternatively, incorporating elements like marbles, small rocks, or coarse substrate can provide additional protection for the eggs by making them less accessible to the parents. Following the completion of the spawning process, promptly remove the adult fish from the tank. The fry should hatch within approximately three days and subsequently become free-swimming. Upon hatching, the newly born fry can be nourished with a diet consisting of either liquid or powdered fry-specific food formulations.

Diet & feeding

Glowlight Danios are known for their adaptable dietary preferences, readily accepting a wide variety of food options. A foundation of high-quality dry foods, including flakes and granules, should form the basis of their diet. To optimize their overall health and enhance their coloration, it is essential to supplement their primary diet with regular servings of small frozen and live foods, such as Daphnia, bloodworms, and Artemia.

Frequently asked questions

Glowlight Danios typically live between one and three years, depending on their quality of life. However, with the proper care, these fish could live up to 5 years.

You can house a small school of Glowlight Danios in a 45-litre aquarium, although a 90-litre aquarium will suit them better. Another fact that might be good to know is Glowlight Danios can appear somewhat washed out if the tank does not have enough decor, so make sure you have plenty of plants and suchlike. Finally, to display this fish's best colours and make them stand out, you should use a darker substrate.

Glowlight Danios are omnivores that will accept most fish food. However, these fish are pretty active and have high nutrient requirements, so choose good quality dry food that will accommodate their needs. This could include flakes and granules alongside regular meals of small frozen and live food such as Daphnia, bloodworm, and Artemia to get the best condition and colouring from your fish. Glowlight Danios will do best when offered food several times a day; however, only give them what they can eat in under 3 minutes. If you can only feed your fish once a day, provide them with what they can consume in around 5 minutes.

Glowlight Danios are somewhat shy fish; therefore, you should keep them with small peaceful fish or in a species only aquarium. Large tankmates, friendly or not, usually scare them into hiding. However, they thrive with other small Cyprinids and Danios, except for the Giant Danio, which is much bigger and will often harass smaller fish. You can also mix them with most Tetras, Rainbowfish, Livebearers, Catfish, Loaches and Anabantoids.

Glowlight Danios are one of the smallest Danio species, reaching just under 3 cm in length, with the males being slightly smaller than the females.

Glowlight Danios are a small fish with a sleek body and a barbel at the tip of each lip. Glowlight Danios have stunning colouration and patterning composed of bars, stripes and spots. This fish looks very similar to the Pearl Danio with its yellow, brown, and green colouring. However, Glowlight Danios have bright orange stripes on the back half of their body with green, red, turquoise and gold spots.


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