Define: Aquadiction

NounThe fact or condition of being madly addicted to a particular substance or activity.

The fact or condition of being madly addicted to all aquatic life.

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Crimson Loach(Schistura sp. Crimson)
Leopard Frog Plecostomus(Peckoltia compta)
Marbled Limpet Nerite Snail(Septaria porcellana)
Triangle Rabbit Snail(Tylomelania sinabartfeldi)
Green Babaulti Shrimp(Caridina babaulti)
Ninja Shrimp(Caridina serratirostris)
Amazon Zebra Shrimp(Euryrhynchus amazoniensis)
Gold Nebula Shrimp(Caridina villadolidi)
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Crimson Loach
Leopard Frog Plecostomus
Marbled Limpet Nerite Snail
Triangle Rabbit Snail
Green Babaulti Shrimp
Bamboo Shrimp
Ninja Shrimp
Ninja Shrimp
Amazon Tiger Shrimp
Amazon Tiger Shrimp

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