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Maximum size : 2.5 cm

Black Bar Endler - Poecilia wingei : Complete Fish Profile & Care Guide

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Black Bar Endlers (Poecilia wingei) embody a captivating allure, rare to behold in the aisles of pet stores. These exquisite fish, the very first Endler strain ever discovered, have remained elusive to many, gracing only the privileged few with their mesmerizing presence. However, their small stature, peaceful temperament, and robust nature make them a prized gem for both aspiring aquarists and seasoned hobbyists alike.

The Black Bar Endlers possess a remarkable talent for prolific breeding, blessed with unique metallic hues that adorn their delicate forms. Though diminutive in size, these captivating Endlers thrive in nano and planted aquariums, where their vibrant personalities can illuminate every corner. Alternatively, they gracefully coexist within community aquariums, harmonizing with other small, tranquil species to create a captivating tapestry of aquatic life.

To truly unlock their splendour, it is advisable to keep Black Bar Endlers in groups, allowing them to bask in the comfort of their own kind. This not only enhances their collective beauty but also presents a natural spectacle that captivates the observer's eye. While these Endlers peacefully cohabitate with other non-fin-nipping species, caution is advised when considering dwarf shrimp as tankmates, as the Endlers may find shrimplets irresistible. Larger, placid invertebrates can harmonize harmoniously, while caution should be exercised with larger, more aggressive fish who may view the Endlers as an enticing snack.

As spirited occupants of the water column, Black Bar Endlers gracefully traverse the middle to top levels of their aquatic domain, occasionally venturing down to forage at the lower depths. However, Their acrobatic tendencies demand a secure lid or a meticulously controlled water level to prevent inadvertent escapades. But fear not, for these enchanting creatures pose no threat to the verdant foliage within the aquarium, allowing aquatic flora to thrive undisturbed.

Male Black Bar Endlers adorn their flanks with captivating dark markings, accentuated by the striking dominance of vibrant orange hues. Hints of resplendent greenish-blue grace the back regions of their bodies, casting an ethereal charm upon these mesmerizing specimens. Moreover, the males proudly display a graceful double swordtail caudal fin, which can manifest in a captivating interplay of contrasting black or orange tones. Their dorsal fins, adorned in shades of fiery orange-red, provide a majestic crown to their glorious forms. Regrettably, the females lack the striking pigmentation of their male counterparts, as do the juvenile offspring until they reach maturity, unveiling their own magnificent patterns in due course.

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Sexual Dimorphism

Distinguishing between male and female Black Bar Endlers is a relatively straightforward task. Males exhibit distinct characteristics that set them apart from their female counterparts. They are notably smaller in size and boast a captivating array of vibrant colours and intricate patterns, compelling the observer's gaze. Conversely, females display a marked difference in size, often growing considerably larger than their male counterparts. Though lacking the vibrant hues of the males, their appearance bears a more subdued and understated aesthetic.

Quick Facts

Scientific NamePoecilia wingei
Other NamesNone
Max Size2.5 cm
Aquarium LevelAll Levels
Best kept asGroups 6+
LifespanUp to 3 Years

Water Parameters

Water TypeFreshwater
PH7.0 - 8.5
GH15 - 35
KH4 - 6
TDS50 - 150
75 - 86
23 - 30

Natural Habitat

The Black Bar Endler hails from the picturesque Laguna de Los Patos, nestled in the Cumana region of Venezuela, South America. These captivating species thrive in the warm, hard waters that teem with vibrant algae, imparting a distinct green hue to the lakes and creeks they call home. Within these pristine aquatic environments, you'll frequently witness Endlers seeking refuge beneath the protective embrace of shaded areas, forging an enchanting sight.

Regrettably, the future of these remarkable fish in their natural habitat is uncertain, with a looming threat of endangerment or potential extinction. Furthermore, the encroachment of human civilization has witnessed the establishment of a nearby rubbish dump, significantly impacting the delicate ecological balance of the lagoon. As custodians of our environment, it is vital that we acknowledge and address the impact of such encroachments to ensure the preservation and safeguarding of these extraordinary creatures.

The plight of the Black Bar Endler serves as a reminder of the profound influence our actions can have on the fragile ecosystems that nurture and sustain the diversity of life. By raising awareness and fostering responsible stewardship, we can collectively strive to protect and restore these invaluable habitats, allowing these exquisite fish to flourish and grace our aquariums for generations to come.

 Laguna De Los Patos - Venezuela
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The breeding process of Black Bar Endlers is a remarkably straightforward endeavour characterized by their constant mating behaviour. With the presence of a male and a female Endler in a meticulously planted aquarium, nature takes its course with minimal human intervention.

In the enchanting realm of these Endlers, live birth is the culmination of their reproductive journey, occurring at an interval of approximately 23 to 28 days. The male, equipped with a specialized organ known as the gonopodium, adeptly transfers his milt to the female, where it finds refuge, fertilizing her eggs. A telltale sign heralding the imminent arrival of the live young is the emergence of a conspicuous dark black gravid spot near the female's vent. Each pregnancy brings forth a variable brood size, ranging from a single offspring to as many as thirty or more, contingent upon the female's size and maturity.

To nurture the delicate fry upon entering the aquatic realm, a finely crushed flake food serves as a suitable initial sustenance. However, supplementing their diet with nutritious baby Brine Shrimp becomes essential to foster optimal growth and development, enriching their journey towards maturity.


Diet & feeding

Black Bar Endlers exhibit an omnivorous feeding behaviour, consuming a diverse range of sustenance in their natural habitat. To replicate their diet effectively in the home aquarium, providing a combination of live, frozen, and freeze-dried foods is advisable. This should include offerings such as bloodworms, daphnia, and brine shrimp, which closely resemble their preferred small insects and aquatic invertebrates. Supplementing their diet with high-quality dried foods like flakes, pellets, and granules ensures optimal nutrition and vibrant colouration. Additionally, incorporating nutritious vegetable matter, such as spirulina or blanched zucchini, cucumber, and shelled peas, further enhances their well-being and dietary variety. By embracing this well-rounded feeding approach, Black Bar Endlers will thrive, showcasing their exquisite beauty and robust health.


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