Max Size: 2.5cm

Black Bar Endler (Poecilia wingei)

Black Bar Endlers are a stunning fish species rarely seen in pet stores and were also the first Endler ever to be collected. A lot of people have never even seen one in person.

These fish are relatively small, peaceful, and hardy, making them perfect for beginners and more advanced hobbyists. These fish are also prolific breeders with unique metallic colours. Due to their small size, you can house these Endlers in nano or planted aquariums; however, these fish are also fine in a community aquarium with other small peaceful fish species.

It would be best to maintain Black Bar Endlers in groups as they feel more comfortable, leading to an attractive, exciting and more natural-looking display. You can house these Endlers with other small, peaceful fish if they are not known to nip at fins. Adult dwarf shrimp also make ideal tankmates; however, Endlers may eat shrimplets. More significant, peaceful invertebrates can also make good tankmates, but much larger, more aggressive fish are not advised as they will probably see these fish as a snack.

Black Bar Endlers typically occupy the middle to the top levels of the water column; however, you will often see them swimming and feeding in the bottom levels also. These fish are not afraid to jump, so you should make sure your aquarium has a tight-fitting lid or a significantly lowered water level. Black Bar Endlers will not eat or bother plants.

Male Black Bar Endlers have dark markings on their flanks, with orange as the most dominant colour. However, these fish also have splashes of greenish-blue on the back area of their body. Additionally, they possess a double swordtail caudal fin that can differ in colour in different individuals being either black or orange, and their dorsal fins tend to be an orangy-red. Unfortunately, females have no striking colours, nor do the babies until they reach a few weeks of age, at which point the males will start to develop their patterns.

Quick Facts
Scientific NamePoecilia wingei
Other NamesNone
Aquarium LevelAll Levels
Best kept asGroups 6+
Lifespan2 - 3 years
Water Parameters
Water TypeFreshwater
PH7.0 - 8.5
GH15 - 35
KH4 - 6
TDS50 - 150
75 - 86℉
23.9 - 30℃

Photos of the Black Bar Endler

Black Bar Endlers
Black Bar Endler
Black Bar Endler
Black Bar Endler
Black Bar Endler
Black Bar Endler
Black Bar Endler
Black Bar Endler
Black Bar Endler

Natural Habitat

The Black Bar Endler originates from the Laguna de Los Patos in the Cumana region of Venezuela in South America. They inhabit warm, hard waters containing high algae levels, which gives the lakes and creeks their characteristic green colouration. You will often find Endlers congregating under shaded areas.

These fish are likely endangered now, if not extinct, in the wild; this is because humans built the cities rubbish dump next to the lagoon.

Laguna De Los Patos

What to feed the Black Bar Endler

Black Bar Endlers are omnivores and feed on small insects, algae and plant matter in the wild. Therefore, it would be best to mimic this diet as closely as possible in the home aquarium. However, these fish will thrive and remain very colourful on a varied diet of live, frozen and freeze-dried foods such as bloodworm, daphnia and brine shrimp supplemented with high quality dried food such as flakes, pellets and granules. Black Bar Endlers will also readily accept spirulina or other nutritious vegetable matter like blanched zucchini, cucumber or shelled peas.

How to sex the Black Bar Endler

It is straightforward to differentiate between male and female Black Bar Endlers. The males are smaller and typically much more vibrantly coloured and patterned compared to the females. In contrast, the females grow much larger than males and are very dull and plain-looking.

How to breed the Black Bar Endler

Black Bar Endlers are really simple to breed as they will mate constantly. All that is required is a male and a female Endler in a heavily planted aquarium, and the fish will do the rest without human intervention.

Black Bar Endlers give birth to live young approximately every 23 to 28 days. The male will transfer his milt into the female via his gonopodium, where it is then saved and used to fertilise her eggs.

Just before the live young are released, the female will present a dark black gravid spot near her vent. Females can give birth to anything from one to thirty babies with each pregnancy and sometimes more, depending on their size and age.

You can provide the fry with finely crushed flake food as soon as they are born; however, you should also feed your Endler fry baby Brine Shrimp to achieve optimal growth.

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