Maximum size : 5 cm

El Tigre Endler - Poecilia wingei : Complete Fish Profile & Care Guide

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El Tigre Endlers (Poecilia wingei) are a perfect addition to any aquarium due to their adaptability and stunning appearance. These fish are peaceful, active, and hardy, making them an excellent choice for both beginner and experienced aquarists. In addition, their small size and colourful appearance make them the ideal fish for a nano or planted aquarium.

Maintaining El Tigre Endlers in groups is recommended as it allows them to display their best natural behaviour and colouration, resulting in a visually stunning display. While these fish are peaceful, it is still important to avoid keeping them with species known to nip fins. Adult dwarf shrimp make great tank mates, but keep in mind that Endlers may eat shrimplets. El Tigre Endlers typically occupy the middle to top levels of the water column, and they may occasionally venture to the bottom levels. However, they are jumpers, so it is crucial to ensure your aquarium has a tightly fitting lid or lowered water level. 

El Tigre Endlers will not damage or eat plants in your aquarium. These fish are distinguishable by their striking lime green and orangy-red markings on their bodies, highlighted by a horizontal black line and a black dorsal fin.

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Sexual Dimorphism

Distinguishing between male and female El Tigre Endlers is a relatively straightforward task. As is often the case with the species, the males are smaller than their female counterparts, but more strikingly, they exhibit significantly more vibrant and intricate patterning and colouring than females. In contrast, female El Tigre Endlers are typically more extensive, less adorned, and do not display the same range of colours as their male counterparts.

Quick Facts

Scientific NamePoecilia wingei
Year Described2005
Other NamesNone
Max Size5 cm
Aquarium LevelAll Levels
Best kept asGroups 6+
Diet & FeedingOmnivore
LifespanUp to 2 Years

Water Parameters

Water TypeFreshwater
pH 7.0 - 8.5
GH 15 - 35
KH 4 - 6
TDS 50 - 150
Ideal Temperature
75 - 86
23 - 30

Natural Habitat

The El Tigre Endlers are native to the lush and vibrant region of El Tigre, located in the state of Anzoategui in Venezuela, South America. This thriving city lies equidistant from the Orinoco River and the Caribbean Sea in the Guanipa Mesa, where the majestic Tigre River flows through. These Endlers inhabit warm and robust waters with high algae content, which provides the lakes and creeks with their stunning green hue. The lush vegetation and rich aquatic environment create a perfect habitat for these strikingly beautiful fish.


El Tigre Endlers are prolific breeders and give birth to live young every 23 to 28 days. If you keep a heavily planted aquarium with at least two females to every male, these fish will breed without any intervention. During mating, the male will transfer his milt into the female via his gonopodium, which fertilises her eggs.

As the female prepares for birth, she will develop a dark black gravid spot near her vent. Depending on their size and age, females can give birth to one to thirty babies or more. The fry will initially spend their first few hours at the bottom of the aquarium, where they will consume their yolk sacs. At this stage, they are most vulnerable to predators, including their own mothers and other Endler females, although males appear less interested in cannibalism.

Once the fry has consumed their yolk sacs, you can feed them with powdered fry food, baby brine shrimp and crushed flake food. They will also snack on algae and microorganisms that develop on aquatic plants or tank decor. Males will start to display their colouration after three to four weeks, although it can take several months to develop the full extent and abundance of colour that characterises Endlers.

Diet & feeding

El Tigre Endlers are omnivorous, and in their natural habitat, they feed on a variety of small insects, algae, and plant matter. It is recommended to replicate this diet in the aquarium as closely as possible. However, they will also do well on a varied diet of high-quality live, frozen, and freeze-dried foods such as bloodworm, daphnia, and brine shrimp. Supplementing their diet with high-quality dried food such as flakes, pellets, and granules is important. Additionally, El Tigre Endlers will readily accept nutrient-rich vegetable matter such as spirulina, blanched zucchini, or shelled peas.


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