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Maximum size : 2.5 cm

Blue Star Endlers - Poecilia wingei : Complete Fish Profile & Care Guide

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The Blue Star Endler (Poecilia wingei) is an adaptable, hardy, and peaceful fish that makes a perfect addition to nano or planted aquariums. They coexist peacefully with most other fish in a community aquarium, but it is better to avoid keeping them with larger, aggressive fish that could nip at their tails, see them as food, or compete for food. Typically, these Endlers occupy the top level of an aquarium, but you can spot them swimming in the middle and bottom levels while scavenging for food or courting females. They exhibit natural behaviours when kept in larger groups, making the aquarium look more natural. It is important to keep a tight-fitting lid on the aquarium or lower the water level as these fish are known to jump. They do not feed on or harm aquatic plants. The Blue Star Endler boasts beautiful colouration, exhibiting an electric blue colour that gradually fades into a lighter blue, a distinct black horizontal line, and a dark blue horizontal line on their body. They also display bright orange-red colouration on their chest area and caudal fin, making them an attractive addition to any aquarium.

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Sexual Dimorphism

The sexual dimorphism of the Blue Star Endler is quite apparent, with males displaying more intense and vivid colours compared to their female counterparts. Males are also significantly smaller and slimmer than females. Females are usually larger, fuller-bodied and lack the bold, colourful markings of the males, instead presenting a duller, unmarked appearance. Identifying the gender of these fish is a simple and straightforward task for any aquarium enthusiast.

Quick Facts

Scientific NamePoecilia wingei
Other NamesCampoma Blue Star
Max Size2.5 cm
Aquarium LevelMiddle - Top
Best kept asGroups 5+
Lifespan2 - 3 years

Water Parameters

Water TypeFreshwater
PH7.0 - 8.5
GH2 - 15
KH15 - 3
TDS50 - 150
75 - 86
23.9 - 30

Natural Habitat

Blue Star Endlers hail from the coastal lagoon of Campoma Village in Northeastern Venezuela, nestled in the vibrant landscapes of South America. In their natural habitat, these Endlers are surrounded by water with a distinct green hue and are accustomed to living in relatively hard conditions. The beauty and resilience of these fish inspired Philippe Voisin and his son, Frederic Nicole, to establish the Blue Star Endler strain, which has now become a favorite of aquarists worldwide. Thanks to their pioneering efforts, these captivating fish have been introduced to enthusiasts all over the globe, and their striking blue coloration and unique patterns continue to amaze and enchant aquarium hobbyists.
 Laguna De Los Patos - Venezuela
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The prolific breeding and ease of care of Blue Star Endlers make them a popular choice for aquarists. These livebearing fish typically reach sexual maturity at around two months old and can produce between 5 to 30 fry every 24 to 28 days, depending on their age and size. To avoid excessive male harassment, it is recommended to have four or five females for every male. Additionally, providing areas with dense planting can give fry a place to hide and avoid predation from parents or other fish in a community aquarium. Fortunately, Blue Star Endler fry can accept crushed flake food as soon as they are born, and they grow quickly, exhibiting adult colouration in as little as 3 to 5 weeks.

Diet & feeding

It is important to ensure a balanced and nutritious diet for Blue Star Endlers, and these fish will readily accept a variety of food options. A diet consisting of high-quality dried foods like flakes and granules, supplemented with regular feedings of live, frozen or freeze-dried foods such as daphnia, brine shrimp and bloodworm, will provide the necessary nutrients for optimal health. Adding the occasional treat of blanched vegetables can also provide a welcome change in their diet.


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