Congo Tetra (Phenacogrammus Interruptus) Fish Species Profile

The Congo Tetra is a timid but incredibly beautiful fish. These are a peaceful schooling fish so are generally an excellent community fish.

These species have a full-bodied typical tetra shape with rather large scales. The males have beautiful greyish-violet fins with white edges, with the dorsal, anal, and tail fins sporting long veiled edges.

They have rich opalescent colours running along the body from front to back, blue on top, changing to red down through the middle into a yellow-gold, and then back to blue just above the belly.

They do get scared rather easily so as long as you have places for them to hide when they are feeling stressed, they will be fine.

Your water quality must be maintained, or they will lose their beautiful colouration

Scientific NamePhenacogrammus Interruptus
Aquarium LevelMiddle - Top
DifficultyBeginner - Intermediate
Best kept asGroups 5+
Lifespan3 - 5
Maximum Size6 - 8.5 CM
Water Conditions
Water TypeFreshwater
Temperature75 - 81 ℉ (23.9 - 27.2 ℃)
PH6.2 - 7.2
GH4 -18
KH4 - 8
TDS150 - 250


Congo tetras live in the upper reaches of the River Congo in Africa. They populate rivers, streams, slow-moving pools, and marshes, preferring murky, slightly acidic water with plants, few rocks, a darker substrate of sand, silt and mud, and no braches or woods.


The Congo tetras require large quantities of food in their diet and will eat several times a day.

They will eat live, and frozen food such as dried worms, blood worms, insects, or green vegetables but will also need food such as pellets and flakes to balance it out and to keep the bright colouration. If there is a lack of plant components, then they will start eating plants that are soft and kept for decoration.

Sexing the Congo Tetra

It is easy to differentiate a male Congo tetra from a female as they are much brighter, bolder and slightly bigger then that of a female and the tail fin and dorsal fin are more elongated.

Breeding the Congo Tetra

Although not impossible, it isn't easy to breed Congo tetras as their spawning is seasonal and getting a pair to produce in the aquarium successfully is somewhat tricky.

To breed them you should provide a large aquarium with peat-filtered water, brightly lit to induce reproduction, with heavy planting where they can lay their eggs to hatch without the worry of the adults eating them.

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