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Maximum size : 15 cm

Three Spot Gourami - Trichopodus trichopterus : Complete Fish Profile & Care Guide

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The Three Spot Gourami (Trichopodus trichopterus) is a captivating and entertaining species that brings life to any community aquarium. They are known for their easy-going and peaceful temperament, making them an ideal fish for novice and experienced aquarists alike. One of the essential keys to keeping these fish happy and healthy is to provide them with a suitable environment that mimics their natural habitat. The aquarium should be spacious, with a length of at least 90cm, plenty of aquatic plants, and other decorations to create hiding places and break sightlines. This setup will help to reduce stress levels and make them feel secure in their surroundings. The Three Spot Gourami has a striking greyish-blue body with two black dots that run horizontally. Interestingly, the eye is considered the third spot, even though it is not visible. These dots add to the fish's appeal and make them stand out in any aquarium setting. While they are often sold as pairs, these fish are not monogamous, and males will court females, even if they are not interested. Adding multiple females to the tank can help to spread the male's attention and keep everyone occupied. Overall, the Three Spot Gourami is an excellent choice for aquarists looking for an engaging and easy-to-care-for species to add to their community aquarium.

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Sexual Dimorphism

Determining the sexes of Three Spot Gouramis is a relatively simple task. Males can be distinguished by their larger size and the development of pointed dorsal and anal fins, as well as an elongated dorsal fin. Conversely, females tend to be smaller and rounder in the belly.

Quick Facts

Scientific NameTrichopodus trichopterus
Year Described1770
Other NamesBlue Gourami, Two Spot Gourami, Hairfin gourami
OriginsSingapore Vietnam Myanmar Thailand Cambodia Laos Malaysia Indonesia
Max Size15 cm
Aquarium LevelMiddle - Top
DifficultyBeginner - Intermediate
Best kept asGroups 5+
ReproductionBubble nest
Lifespanup to 5 years

Water Parameters

Water TypeFreshwater
PH5.5 - 8.5
GH3 - 35
75 - 86
23.9 - 30

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Natural Habitat

The Three Spot Gourami can be found throughout Southeast Asia, inhabiting still, sluggish, slow-moving waters in swamps, marshes, lowland wetlands, and canals covered in dense vegetation. The Three Spot Gourami is known for its remarkable adaptability, migrating from permanent water bodies to flooded areas during flood season, such as seasonally swamped forests in the middle and lower Mekong. During the dry season, they will return to these permanent water bodies, demonstrating their incredible resilience and adaptability to the challenging and ever-changing environments of Southeast Asia. Join us as we explore the lush and vibrant lands of Sumatra, Java, Borneo, and beyond, and witness firsthand the remarkable beauty and diversity of the Three Spot Gourami. Discover their unique behaviour and adaptations, and learn about their role in the local ecosystems of Southeast Asia. From their migratory patterns to their stunning appearance, the Three Spot Gourami is a true wonder of the natural world and a must-see for any fish enthusiast.


It is possible to successfully breed Three Spot Gouramis in the aquarium, with sexual maturity occurring between 8-12 months of age. During breeding, the male constructs a bubble nest at the water's surface, and he will entice the female to swim beneath the nest. Once the female releases her eggs, the male will fertilize them immediately and collect them in his mouth, placing them carefully in the bubble nest. Once all the eggs have been laid, the female should be removed from the tank to prevent harassment from the male. The eggs will hatch in around 20-30 hours, with the fry becoming free-swimming after 4-5 days. The male will guard and protect his offspring until this point, after which he should also be removed to prevent any unintended harm to the fry. To feed the fry, infusoria or liquid fry food should be provided for the first week, followed by baby brine shrimp, microworm, and powdered flake as they grow.

Diet & feeding

To maintain the optimal health of the Three Spot Gourami it is recommended to offer a varied diet. A significant portion of their diet should comprise high-quality tropical flakes or pellets that contain the necessary vitamins and minerals. Supplementing their diet with fresh vegetables and algae wafers is also highly recommended. Additionally, providing frozen and freeze-dried foods such as bloodworms, artemia, and mosquito larvae will ensure that the fish receive a well-rounded diet. Although this species is relatively undemanding when it comes to feeding, it is important to keep in mind that a monotonous diet can lead to health problems. Therefore, a varied diet is key to maintain the fish's overall health and well-being.

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