Max Size: 5cm

White Wizard Snail (Filopaludina martensi)

The White Wizard Snail is an attractive, relatively new and a scarce species in the aquarium hobby. It is also one of the larger freshwater snails in the aquarium trade. These snails are entirely peaceful and do not eat aquarium plants. The White Wizard snail is relatively long-lived, and they will not overpopulate your aquarium.

White Wizard snails are solitary, non-aggressive and shy by nature. They prefer peaceful tank mates and a calm aquatic environment. These snails are extra active at night and usually rest during the day time. When they have settled into the tank, they will come out more during the day and forage for food.

White Wizard snails are quiet and get scared quickly, this can affect their behaviour meaning that they may be active for some time but if they suddenly get spooked they can suddenly slow down and barely move for days.

White Wizard Snails grow reasonably large; they can also use their gills to filter feed and prefer warmer water. This makes them a unique species.

White Wizard Snails have an off-white, creamy colour and a smooth texture. It is often a little bit darker to the end of the spike and has fine lines on the shell. They have a dense and broadly conical shell including 6 or 7 whorls. The last whorl is expanded. White Wizard snails also have an operculum that they use to close their shell when they feel threatened completely or disturbed. Another unique feature of these snails is their long tentacles.

Quick Facts
Scientific NameFilopaludina martensi
Other NamesGhost Wizard Snail, White Ghost Wizard Snail, Ghost Piano River Snail, White Mage Snail, White Trapdoor Snail
Classification Gastropoda
OriginsCambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam
Aquarium LevelAll Levels
DifficultyBeginner - Intermediate
Lifespanup to 5 years
Water Parameters
Water TypeFreshwater
PH7.0 - 8.5
GH5 - 20
KH4 - 12
73 - 79℉
22.8 - 26.1℃

Photos of the White Wizard Snail

White Wizard Snail
White Wizard Snails
White Wizard Snail
White Wizard Snail


White Wizard Snails

Natural Habitat

You can find white Wizard Snails in Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam in South East Asia. These snails inhabit warmer fresh still waters such as ponds, canals, swamps, ditches and rice fields. However, you can also find them in waters with slow currents such as rivers and streams where they can dredge through soft muddy substrates.

What to feed the White Wizard Snail

White Wizard Snails are omnivorous and are excellent scavengers. They will consume algae but are not the best at it. This snail uses its gills to filter feed. They trap microorganisms in the water column that makes your tank cleaner.

These snails are not fussy and will eat pretty much anything you put in the aquarium from fish flakes and granules to shrimp pellets and algae wafers which are good options for these snails as they sink to the bottom of the tank and remain there until the snails come across them.

It is also advisable to occasionally add blanched vegetables like spinach, zucchini, cucumber, carrots and sprouts these snails will appreciate that.

How to sex the White Wizard Snail

It is relatively straightforward to differentiate the male from female White Wizard Snails. Unlike other snail species, males and females can be distinguished by their external features. Their antennas can identify the males as they are modified in shape. One antenna is thicker than the other, whereas the female's antennas are the same length and size.

How to breed the White Wizard Snail

White Wizard snails are gonochoristic. This means that both female and males are required for them to be able to reproduce. The male snail approaches the female and crawls above her shell, and when he reaches the last whorl, he searches for the genital aperture, grasps it with his penial sheath, and inserts it. Copulation can last a few hours.

White Wizard snails have a meagre rate of reproduction even if kept in bigger groups; therefore, it is not likely that your aquarium will become overpopulated. It can be a relief for many hobbyists who tend to worry about crowding or overpopulation.

The White Wizard snail gives birth to live young miniature snails, usually at night. Their embryos develop in cases kept in the mother's brood chamber. Viviparity protects the developing young until the egg case breaks before birth.

Females will usually have between 5 and 15 babies, depending on their size. Once she has given birth, you will notice that the baby snails colour will be darker with a yellowish tint. However, as they develop their shells will become much whiter.

It would be more beneficial if you initially fed these young snails with finely powered food at least once a day; this will increase their survival rate.

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