Max Size: up to 10 cm

White Hercules Snail (Brotia Herculea)

The White Hercules Snails are stunning and relatively rare in the aquarium hobby. These snails are quite hardy and are less sensitive to water conditions than other snails. This species is excellent if you require a giant show stopper of a snail in your aquarium.

The White Hercules Snail is not aggressive and can be housed with most fish and invertebrates. However, these snails are not the most excellent algae eaters, and if you underfeed it, you may find that they will start to eat your plants.

Another benefit of these snails is that they only breed two or three times a year so you will not have to worry about your tank getting overpopulated.

The White Hercules Snail has an off-white, creamy colour, elongated and spiral-shaped thick shell that tapers towards a point at the end, making the exterior resemble a unicorn horn. It is often a little bit darker towards the end of the spike and has fine lines and eight whorls with the last whorl being expanded.

Quick Facts
Scientific NameBrotia Herculea
Other NamesWhite Giant Tower Cap Snail
OriginsSoutheast Asia
Aquarium LevelAll Levels
DifficultyBeginner - Intermediate
Lifespanup to 4 years
Water Parameters
Water TypeFreshwater
Temperature68 - 82 ℉ (20 - 27.8 ℃)
PH6.5 - 8.5
GH5 - 20
KH6 - 8
White Hercules Snail
White Hercules Snail
White Hercules Snail
Rare White Hercules Snail


White Hercules Snail (Brotia Herculea) - Rare HUGE freshwater Aquarium Snail

Natural Habitat of the White Hercules Snail

The White Hercules Snail occurs naturally in Thailand and Burma in Southeast Asia. They inhabit rivers with a muddy substrate covered in rotting vegetation where they can forage around looking for food.

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What to feed the White Hercules Snail

The White Hercules Snails have pretty big appetites and will eat virtually anything you put in the tank. These snails are not the best algae eater available in the hobby, but they will consume small amounts.

These snails will readily accept flakes, granules, algae wafers and sinking pellets as well as scavenge any leftover food lying around the bottom of the aquarium.

They have been known to develop a taste for some aquarium plants if insufficient leftover food is available. Also, calcium supplementation is a must to ensure their shells remain strong and healthy.

White Hercules Snails will greatly appreciate the odd treat of blanched vegetables such as spinach zucchini and Mulberry leaves.

How to Sex the White Hercules Snail

Unfortunately distinguishing males from female White Hercules Snails is virtually impossible externally so unless you are a scientist and know what you are doing it would be best to purchase a good number of these snails, so you are guaranteed both sexes.

How to Breed the White Hercules Snail

The White Hercules Snail is livebearing, and they will have no problem reproducing as long as you are fortunate enough to have both males and females. These snails reach sexual maturity around two years old or when they grow to around 6 cm.

The White Hercules Snail only breeds two or three times a year where they will give birth to between 60 and 100 very tiny babies. However, if your water quality is too pristine and not well established, the little snail's survival rate will be relatively low.

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