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Triangle Rabbit Snail (Tylomelania sinabartfeldi)

The Triangle Rabbit Snail is a rare and captivating species that is highly sought after in the aquarium hobby. These snails are known for their slow and peaceful behaviour, making them ideal companions for other peaceful aquatic creatures like Nerite Snails, Mystery Snails, and various types of shrimp. However, they should never be kept with natural predators like Crayfish, Cichlids, Loaches, or Goldfish.

In terms of habitat, it is recommended to use sand or fine-grained material as the aquarium substrate, allowing these snails to hide and rest comfortably. The Triangle Rabbit Snail prefers warm water environments, similar to its natural habitat, so the aquarium water should be slightly warmer than traditional setups. As with other snail species, they tend to escape from the aquarium, making it necessary to cover the top of the tank as much as possible.

One of the most striking features of the Triangle Rabbit Snail is its decorative shell, which is long and cross-corrugated. The shell colour can vary from dark brown to black, with white or creamy yellow dots on the foot and antennae. With their unique appearance and peaceful demeanour, the Triangle Rabbit Snail is a stunning addition to any aquarium, making it a highly desirable species among aquatic enthusiasts.


Triangle Rabbit Snail
Quick Facts
Scientific NameTylomelania sinabartfeldi
Year Described2008
Classification Gastropoda
Aquarium LevelAll Levels
DifficultyBeginner - Intermediate
Lifespan1 - 3 years
Water Parameters
Water TypeFreshwater
PH7.0 - 8.5
GH2 - 15
75 - 86℉
24 - 30℃


Triangle Rabbit Snails are fascinating aquatic creatures with specific dietary requirements to maintain their health and well-being. These snails predominantly feed on algae, making rocks or decorations with algae growth crucial to their diet. Additionally, broken plant leaves that have fallen into the aquarium substrate serve as another source of nutrition for them.

While they primarily thrive on algae, you can also include vegetable-based fish and shrimp foods in their diet. Incorporating vegetables like lettuce and spinach into their diet can also benefit their overall health. In addition, calcium is vital for their shell growth and support, so ensuring they have access to enough calcium is crucial during their care.

It is essential to monitor the water parameters and enrich the water with calcium and magnesium additives if the water used for setup and changes is low in these minerals. By providing Triangle Rabbit Snails with a balanced diet and appropriate calcium support, these unique and captivating creatures can thrive in any aquarium.

Sexual Dimorphism

Triangle Rabbit Snails are a captivating species with a unique reproductive system. These snails possess both male and female genders, making it almost impossible to distinguish between the two with the naked eye. However, unlike other species where males and females have visible differences, Triangle Rabbit Snails exhibit no external characteristics that indicate their gender. This fascinating aspect of their biology highlights the complexity of aquatic life and the intricacies of their reproductive processes.

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