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Maximum size : 30 cm

Titanic Plecostomus - Pseudacanthicus sp : Complete Fish Profile & Care Guide

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The magnificent Red Titanic Pleco (Pseudacanthicus sp)  is a true showstopper in any aquarium, and it's no wonder why so many aquarists are eager to house these stunning creatures. With their vibrant colours and impressive appearance, they're sure to bring wonder and joy to any observer.

While these Plecos are known for their relatively peaceful nature, it's important to note that they require ample space to thrive. In cramped quarters, they can become aggressive towards their own kind and other bottom-dwelling fish, so keeping them separate is best. Additionally, they may be susceptible to bullying from faster-moving fish of similar size, so choosing tankmates is crucial.

To provide the ideal habitat for your Red Titanic Pleco, a massive aquarium of at least 450 litres is required. In addition, pristine water quality is a must, which means investing in a sound filtration system, plenty of oxygenation, and regular water changes. Finally, to create a comfortable living space, be sure to include plenty of suitable caves, territorial boundaries (such as driftwood or rocks), and plant cover, as these fish tend to be quite secretive.

Interestingly, Red Titanic Plecos don't have a traditional "suckermouth" like other Plecos. Instead, their mouth is more suited for grasping and holding onto food items. In addition, while they don't have many teeth, the ones they do have are quite powerful and significant, making them well-equipped for cracking open small crustaceans and snails, as well as grinding meat.

One of the fascinating features of the Red Titanic Pleco is its rich colour pattern of reddish-gold, along with a unique, almost metallic sheen displayed on the back half of its body and lyretail. For those seeking a different variation of this fantastic fish, there is also a Yellow Titanic Pleco available.

In summary, if you're up for providing the ideal habitat for this magnificent species, the Red Titanic Pleco will surely bring endless fascination and beauty to your aquarium.

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Sexual Dimorphism

Distinguishing between the male and female Red Titanic Plecos is a relatively uncomplicated task. Males typically exhibit broader heads, slightly more pronounced pectoral fin rays, and a more vivid, aesthetically pleasing colouration. Conversely, females tend to be less striking in appearance, with a plumper abdomen that is noticeable even at an early age.

Quick Facts

Scientific NamePseudacanthicus sp
Other NamesL273, Titanicus Pleco, Titanic Cactus Pleco, L273 Yellow
Max Size30 cm
Aquarium LevelBottom
Best kept asLoners
LifespanUp to 15 Years

Water Parameters

Water TypeFreshwater
PH6.0 - 7.5
GH1 - 15
74 - 84
23 - 28

Natural Habitat

The captivating Red Titanic Pleco is a species that can be found solely in Rio Tapajós, situated in the Para state of the Lower Amazon in Brazil, South America. These striking fish are most commonly found dwelling in highly oxygenated, fast-flowing waters that are clear and rocky, with a sandy substrate. During the day, they often retreat to rock crevices or caves, where they can feel secure and protected.

 Tapajós - Brazil
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Regrettably, there is a paucity of documentation or data regarding the fruitful propagation of Red Titanic Plecos. Notwithstanding, it is widely acknowledged that these fish are unequivocally classified as cave spawners.

Diet & feeding

The Red Titanic Pleco is an omnivorous species that initially benefit from a protein-rich diet consisting of prawns and chopped mussels, which are highly favoured and promote optimal growth. However, once acclimated to their environment, it is recommended to incorporate a balanced diet, including vitamin-rich dried foods such as wafers, pellets, and sticks, as well as nutrient-dense vegetables like cucumber, zucchini, eggplant, and potato.

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