Max Size: 10cm

Spotfin Betta (Betta macrostoma)

The distinctive Spotfin Betta, Betta macrostoma is one of the rarest and most expensive betta variations and is somewhat less ornate than other captive-bred Bettas. They also have different personalities than wide, more popular varieties, such as Betta Splendens. For example, these Bettas are mouthbrooders instead of the typical bubble nester.

The Spotfin Bettas are much more peaceful than their Betta relatives. However, males can still become somewhat territorial, these fish are best kept in pairs, but you can also house them in groups in larger aquariums. However, it would be best if you only kept them with their species as they can become too territorial with other tankmates.

The Spotfin Betta has an elongated, torpedo-shaped body with short round dorsal and tail fins. The anal fin is only half as deep as the betta splendens veil but the same length.

Compared to the female, the male is more colourful. His dorsal fin and tail are multicoloured, and he looks like a Chinese brocaded fan. In the female, you will find the two horizontal bands you are familiar with if you own a Betta splendens. Since they are mouthbrooders and not bubble nesters, these Bettas have more wide mouths. You can introduce them to a community aquarium as a snack.


Spotfin betta
Quick Facts
Scientific NameBetta macrostoma
Other NamesBrunei Beauty
OriginsIndonesia, Malaysia
Aquarium LevelMiddle - Top
DifficultyIntermediate - Advanced
Best kept asPairs
Lifespan3 - 5 years
Water Parameters
Water TypeFreshwater
PH4.5 - 6.5
GH2 - 10
TDS0 - 90
68 - 79℉
20 - 26.1℃


In the home aquarium, the Spotfin Betta will readily accept most good quality dried foods such as granules, flakes and sinking pellets. These modern food products have been developed to provide all adequate nutrition to maintain your fish's health and dietary requirements.

Providing additional foodstuffs such as live, frozen, and freeze-dried meals such as bloodworm, daphnia, and tubifex once or twice a week will provide additional benefits to your fish's health and well-being but is not a must for this fish.

It should be noted that bloodworms should only be given as an occasional treat and should not be used as the staple diet as they are difficult for fish to digest and can potentially cause blockages.

This fish is an omnivore in the wild, meaning it will consume some vegetable matter. Although most modern fish foods take this into account and include them in their products, you can still supplement your fish's diet with blanched vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, and zucchini. Ensure you do not overfeed your fish and remove any leftovers the following day.

Sexual Dimorphism

It is relatively straightforward to differentiate the males from female Spotfin Bettas. Males typically grow slightly larger, are more vibrantly coloured and have a broader head shape and more extended fins than that of the females.

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