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Maximum size : 2.5 cm

Ramshorn Snail - Planorbella duryi : Complete Snail Profile & Care Guide

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The Ramshorn Snail (Planorbella duryi) is a fascinating creature that adds interest and functionality to any aquarium. This snail is often seen minding its own business, and at times, swimming with its belly up on the surface of the water, seemingly defying gravity. It is thought that they produce tiny threads that allow them to swing across areas in the tank like a spider' s thread, adding to their mysterious appeal. Apart from their unique physical abilities, Ramshorn Snails play a vital role in breaking down uneaten food and fish waste into a more bioavailable form for your filter bacteria, helping to maintain a healthy and balanced aquarium environment. These snails also help to control algae growth, contributing to a cleaner and clearer aquarium. The colour of their shells can vary from translucent through several shades of brown to a dark almost black colour, depending on their diet and environment. Interestingly, some species from ponds are this dark shade due to dietary materials not commonly available in the home aquarium. The rare varieties of Ramshorn Snails have been selectively bred, and these include blue and pale pink shells. These traits are recessive, and if crossbred, the resultant offspring are likely to be the wild type, which is brown. Snails of this family are spiralled, with the opening hole slanted downwards towards the right, and large folds of skin may protrude out of the more open left side. Like all air-breathing water snails, the animal has only one pair of tentacles with the eyes at the base of the tentacles and no operculum. Ramshorn Snails are amphibious creatures, adapted to life in polluted waters with low oxygen content. The snail can breathe both with oxygen dissolved in the water and with atmospheric air using its particular pulmonary cavity, making them a fascinating and adaptable addition to your aquarium.

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Sexual Dimorphism

As Ramshorn Snails are simultaneous hermaphrodites, discerning their sex is unfeasible.

Quick Facts

Scientific NamePlanorbella duryi
Year Described1879
Other Names
Max Size2.5 cm
Aquarium LevelAll Levels
Best kept asN/A
Lifespan1 - 2 years

Water Parameters

Water TypeFreshwater
PH7.0 - 8.0
GH7 - 15
KH5 - 15
TDS150 - 300
70 - 78
21.1 - 25.6

Natural Habitat

Ramshorn snails can be found in a wide range of locations across the globe, as they prefer to inhabit shallow, slow-moving freshwater environments such as ponds, streams, and lakes. These habitats are typically rich in decaying plant matter, which provides both nourishment and shelter for these snails. As such, they are well adapted to a variety of environments and can thrive in a range of conditions, making them a fascinating and versatile species to observe in the wild or in a home aquarium.


Ramshorn Snails, being hermaphroditic, have the ability to breed and produce offspring regardless of their sex. These snails lay their eggs in small, round clusters that are typically brown in colour, with each cluster containing around a dozen or so eggs, although this number can vary. These translucent clusters enable visual monitoring of the snails' growth as the developing snails can be observed in the eggs. While the newborn snails appear as a clear to white colour, they are incredibly prolific breeders and can easily become a nuisance in an aquarium. As such, controlling the amount of food provided to the tank can help to manage and control their reproduction.

Diet & feeding

Ramshorn Snails are known to be voracious eaters, and although they are efficient scavengers, it' s still essential to supplement their diet with a variety of foods. In addition to the algae present in your tank, providing a balanced diet of debris, vegetables, and commercial supplements will help to ensure that your Snails stay healthy and grow steadily. Adequate calcium levels are crucial to ensure the healthy growth of these snails and to prevent their shells from developing cracks. Therefore, it' s recommended to provide calcium-rich supplements such as cuttlebone or calcium powder to their diet. A well-balanced diet will not only keep your Ramshorn snails healthy but also make them more active and attractive in your aquarium.

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