Max Size: 6cm

Christys Killifish (Aphyosemion christyi)

Christy's Lyretail Killifish is a stunning, peaceful, but somewhat shy fish. In an aquarium, these Killis are suitable for both beginners and advanced hobbyists. However, they are not seasonal fish and can be challenging to maintain.

In a species-only aquarium, Christy's Lyretail Killifish would thrive, but you can keep them with other fish if you do your research first. In the general community aquarium, they are not recommended since they can be aggressive with small, slow-moving fish and have a surprisingly large mouths. It is also known that Killifish can be aggressive towards each other, so make sure you provide enough space and hiding places for them to remain together as a group.

Dwarf Cichlids, Dwarf Gouramis and Corydoras would be suitable tankmates, along with smaller Barbs, Tetras, Rasboras and Plecos. In order to ensure that these fish are not outcompeted for food, it is best to avoid housing them with species that are much more significant, aggressive, or boisterous.

Soft water aquariums with plants and bogwood are best for maintaining Christy's Lyretail Killifish. To simulate the slow-moving waters that these fish inhabit in the wild, it would be best to use peat filtration and have gentle water movement. Additionally, these fish will benefit from some surface cover from floating plants, and you should ensure your aquarium has a tight-fitting lid since they are excellent jumpers.

Christy's Lyretail Killifish males have dark silvery bluish-green bodies and fins, except for the pelvic fins that are pale yellow. Also, the males' bodies, faces, and fins are covered with red spots. Moreover, the dorsal and caudal fins are edged with thick red lines. The females, on the other hand, have silvery blue bodies with very few red spots, making them appear much lighter than males. The females also have red edging on their dorsal and caudal fins, but lack the spot patterning on their other fins and faces.


Christy's Killifish
Quick Facts
Scientific NameAphyosemion christyi
Year Described1915
Other NamesNone
OriginsDemocratic Republic of the Congo
Aquarium LevelMiddle - Top
DifficultyBeginner - Intermediate
Best kept asGroups 5+
Lifespan3 - 5 years
Water Parameters
Water TypeFreshwater
PH6.5 - 7.5
GH5 - 15
72 - 79℉
22.2 - 26.1℃


In the home aquarium, the Christys Killifish will readily accept most good quality dried foods such as granules, flakes and sinking pellets. These modern food products have been developed to provide all adequate nutrition to maintain your fish's health and dietary requirements.

Providing additional foodstuffs such as live, frozen, and freeze-dried meals such as bloodworm, daphnia, and tubifex once or twice a week will provide additional benefits to your fish's health and well-being but is not a must for this fish.

It should be noted that bloodworms should only be given as an occasional treat and should not be used as the staple diet as they are difficult for fish to digest and can potentially cause blockages.

This fish is an omnivore in the wild, meaning it will consume some vegetable matter. Although most modern fish foods take this into account and include them in their products, you can still supplement your fish's diet with blanched vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, and zucchini. Ensure you do not overfeed your fish and remove any leftovers the following day.

Sexual Dimorphism

Christy's Lyretail Killifish can be distinguished between the male and female very easily. The dorsal, anal, and caudal fins of males are bolder, longer, and more colourful than those of females. Females, however, are paler and lack the patterning of their male counterparts.

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