Chilli Rasbora (Boraras Brigittae) Fish Species Profile

The Chili Rasbora is one of the most petite tropical fish in the aquarium hobby. The fish are not true Rasboras and were placed in the Boraras genus in 1993.

This fish does not make an ideal community fish due to its small size and rather timid nature. However, with their kind, they are a beautiful, peaceful, easy species to keep and will certainly liven up an aquarium.

The Chili Rasbora has a reddish colour body with a dark stripe along its side. An intense red bar sits above the dark line, creating a beautiful contrast.

They also have a small dark spot at the base of the anal fin and tail fin. Male Chili Rasboras also display red highlights on their dorsal and anal fins.

Scientific NameBoraras Brigittae
Other NamesMosquito Rasbora
OriginsSoutheast Asia
Aquarium LevelMiddle - Top
DifficultyBeginner - Intermediate
Best kept asGroups 10+
Lifespan4 - 8 years
Maximum Sizeup to 2 cm
Water Conditions
Water TypeFreshwater
Temperature74 - 82 ℉ (23.3 - 27.8 ℃)
PH4.5 - 7.5
GH3 - 8
TDS18 - 179


Chili Rasboras are native to Southwestern Borneo, Indonesian province of Kalimantan Tengah and Kalimantan Selatan in South East Asia.

They inhabit blackwater streams, swamps, pools and rivers.

The conditions of these sort of swamps and streams are very distinct. The water is dark in these habitats because of the degrading organic materials that fall into the water like twigs, leaves and branches.


Chili Rasboras are not demanding when it comes to nutrition and diet. It is not a fussy eater and will eat most types of foods they are given.

Their diet needs to be balanced and varied so feed them high-quality micropellets and crushed flakes as well as small frozen foods such as mini-bloodworm, cyclops and baby brine shrimp. Just keep in mind that they have tiny mouths.

Sexing the Chilli Rasbora

It is moderately easy to identify male from female Chili Rasboras.

Males tend to have darker black and red highlights on their dorsal and tail fins, and when they are ready to breed, they acquire a brighter red colouration, whereas females are slightly larger, duller and plumper than the males.

Breeding the Chilli Rasbora

The Chili Rasboras are continuous spawners, but to increase the number of fry, you will need to take a controlled approach.

A separate breeding tank will be required, and this needs to be dimly lit with a slightly higher temperature than the usual and have plenty of plants. The bottom of the tank can either have a mesh covering, big enough to allow the eggs to pass through, but small enough that the fish cannot get to them. Plastic grass is also good to use and works well.

You will need to condition the Rasboras for a couple of weeks before introducing them to the breeding tank, once conditioned place two or three pairs into the tank, then spawning should take place the following morning.

Chili Rasboras do not seem to seek the eggs actively, but if given the opportunity, they will eat them so after a couple of days you will need to remove the parents.

The eggs will hatch 2-3 days later well they will live off their yolk sacs for a further 24 hours, and after that, you will need to feed them powdered or microscopic food.

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