Fluval Eco Bright LED Aquarium Light Review - The Good, Bad and the Ugly.

Having used cheap LED lights from Amazon and E-bay for the past few years, we decided to splash out and test a couple of higher-end, well-known branded lights. Energy efficiency and improved light dispersion were our primary concerns. With that in mind, we purchased 3 Fluval Eco-Bright 13w 83.5-103cm LED lights to test on some of our custom home aquariums.

The Fluval Eco Bright LED boasts some impressive features, which include 50,000 hours of use which converts to 2083 days of continuous usage or 5.7 years. Of course, most people wouldn't want to run their aquarium lights continuously. The Algae problem this could cause alone is enough to set off my anxiety. On a typical usage of, say, 7 hours a day, this light should, in theory, last for roughly 25 years, according to the manufacturer. If true, it is highly impressive and counteracts the product's initial high price tag. However, it is worth noting the manufacturer only guarantees the product for two years.


The Fluval Eco Bright LED has an infrared remote control that allows for the independent power and dimming of both white and blue LEDs.

It also has four quick light mode buttons that increase or decrease the light intensity by 25% increments to facilitate speedier switching between settings and find the perfect illumination for your aquarium, fish or general household mood.

This remote control works via infrared with a built-in sensor connected to the end of the light and will need to be placed on view with a line of sight so the remote can be pointed directly at the sensor to use this feature.

Unfortunately, this particular Fluval light doesn't come with a downloadable app to manage settings or set timers. This is possibly the product's biggest downfall, in our opinion. If you are looking for a SMART aquarium light, this Fluval offering is not for you. However, some of these drawbacks can be overcome by employing an independent smart plug that would allow you to set timers but will not assist in using the dimming features or day and night modes.

Fluval does provide a solution for this problem with an additional product, as the light is compatible with the Fluval dual lamp controller. This would then allow you to set timers on the lights and perform dimming, but this solution has drawbacks if, like us, you suffer from multiple tank disorder (we are being treated), as it is only compatible with up to two Fluval lights.

Power usage

In these unprecedented times, energy efficiency is one of the main concerns for many people, and that's why Fluval released the Eco Bright range of lighting. The range consists of 4 different size bulbs to suit most aquarium sizes.

  1. Fluval 6 Watt Eco Bright 38-61cm
  2. Fluval 9 Watt Eco Bright 53-83cm
  3. Fluval 13 Watt Eco Bright 83-106cm
  4. Fluval 15 Watt Eco Bright 99-130cm

The extendable mounting brackets allow easy installation on various aquarium widths and provide energy-conscious aquarists options to save energy and money without compromising on aquarium lighting quality.


The Fluval Eco Bright boosts 120-degree coverage of your aquarium and achieves this very well without leaving any dark areas of your aquarium.

The product packaging claims to bring a natural shimmering effect to any freshwater aquarium. While this product delivers shimmering results, we have found better alternatives for this effect, such as the Fluval AQUASKY. However, if this isn't an essential consideration for your aquarium over energy efficiency, you will be happy with the slight shimmering effect.


Comes with fittings to retrofit conventional T5 or T8 fluorescent bulbs.

The Verdict

Overall, we are happy with the Fluval Eco Bright LED lights we purchased as they provide excellent illumination to our aquariums compared to our other 13-watt cheaper alternatives that don't offer the 120-degree coverage of the Eco Bright.

Your aquarium fish's colours will be highlighted and enhanced by the Eco Bright LED screens, which combine blue and white lights.

The biggest downside to this product is the inadequate controls provided and the ability to set timers without an additional product which renders the product more of a manual light IMO. In addition, the infra-red sensor won't win any beauty pageants and reminds me of the cystic acne I used to suffer from. Unfortunately, this sensor will always need to be on view if you intend to use the remote control with the product.

If the lack of integrated smart controls doesn't bother you, or you don't mind the infrared remote control, this light is highly recommended for your freshwater aquarium.

Product Pros

  1. It comes with fittings to retrofit conventional T5 or T8 fluorescent bulbs.
  2. Good Light Dispersion ensures no dark spots in your aquarium.
  3. Comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty.
  4. Energy efficient.
  5. Ultra slim design looks slick and feels like a good quality robust product.

Product Cons

  1. Not controllable via an app, so less convenient, especially when wanting to set timers or hide the sensor.
  2. It only supports low-level plants such as anubias, java fern, moss, and crypts. Although in our experience, guppy grass also does well under this lighting.
  3. No controls or power buttons are located on the light itself, so if you lose, break or run down the battery on the remote control, your ability to use the product becomes a problem.

Fluval Eco Bright LED Specifications

Blue Light ModeYes
White Light ModeYes
Remote ControlYes
Bluetooth CompatibleNo
Smart App CompatibleNo
Water TypeFreshwater
Light Dispersion120 Degrees
Power ButtonNo
Life50000 Hours
Manufacturer Warranty2 Years
Available Lengths38-61cm, 53-83cm, 83-106cm, 99-130cm
Colour Temperature7500